We don’t want to make this page too long and painful to read. The good news about our fine print is there is nothing hidden at ELITE. We simply want to ensure that you understand our simple set of terms and conditions before booking.

1. Payment 

a. Please note that we cannot reserve your spot unless payment has been made.

b. Please make payments by direct balance transfer to the account listed in the email containing our payment facilities. Alternatively you can pay by cash. Group classes can also be booked via PayPal directly on our booking system online.

c. All payments must be received 48 hours prior to the commencement of your lesson(s)/class(es).

d. All prices are inclusive of GST.

e. As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you a tax invoice receipt if required and/or a confirmation of your enrollment and lesson/ class details.

f. A casual price may apply for private and semi-private lessons if 5 and fewer lessons are booked. A casual price may apply for group classes if 6 and fewer lessons are booked before the beginning of the term.

2. Refund/Cancellation policy

a. Due to the nature of arranging group classes for multiple students, we are unable to change our schedules because of one person nor give credit for the next term if the student is not able to attend once the payment is done. Consequently, there are no refunds for individuals who withdraw from group classes at any stage of a group lesson.

b. In the case of insufficient numbers or unforeseen circumstances,  ELITE reserves the right to cancel a class, in which case another course will be offered or alternative arrangement made.

c. There are no refunds offered for cancellation of One to One lessons or courses.

d. ELITE does accommodate postponement or rearrangement of individual One to One Lessons providing that this is convenient for both parties and that notification is received from the customer more than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson(s). There will be a maximum of 2 rearranged lessons per Term. All lessons have to be rescheduled during the current Term. ELITE will send emails with available time slots for the make-up lessons; if the emails are not replied and a time slot is not chosen, it will be understood that the client does not wish to reschedule the lesson(s) and therefore such lessons will be considered as given.

3. Learning materials

a. Levels A1 and A2 have an associated textbook and exercise book. From the level B1, we provide you with the material for the Term.

b. We strongly advise that you purchase your own textbook for use after classes/lessons, to maximize your learning.

4. Classes

a. The maximum size for each class is six students.

b. If you find the level of the class inadequate, there will be options to change. If however a suitable ability level course is not available during the term, other options will be proposed such as private lessons.

5. Term Length

a. One to one lessons are quite flexible, therefore we offer either lessons on a casual basis or over an 9, 10 or 11 week term. (Terms follow NSW private school calendar)

b. The term can begin to your own schedule or it can run in parallel with the NSW school term schedule.

c. All term length group classes will run in parallel with the NSW school term schedule which is 9 , 10 or 11 consecutive weeks long.

d. If a scheduled lesson or class falls on a public holiday, class hours will be either be extended on another day or rearranged for another day at a time suitable for all participants. It could also be decided that the class will not be run.

ELITE School will not be open during public holidays, lessons falling on public holidays will be rescheduled.

6. Location

a. Lessons are held at the ELITE School centre at Suite 6, 685 Military Road (in front of Witchery shop and Kids stuff) in Mosman.

b. If you live in the suburbs around Mosman on Sydney’s Lower North Shore and would prefer lessons at your home then we can also accommodate this.

7. Teachers

a. Teachers will be allocated at the commencement of terms.

b. If your teacher is sick, we will either replace her/him for the length of time he/she is on sick leave, or rearrange classes after he/she returns.

c. ELITE reserves the right to change teachers during a course.

8. Privacy

a. ELITE respects your privacy.

b. All personal information given to us either while enrolling or during lessons is entirely confidential and will not be supplied to a third party under any circumstances.

“If any of the information on this page is unclear or if you simply have a question, please contact us directly by email welcome@elitefrenchspanish.com.au or by phone 0478 685 461. Thank you.”

Anne and Michael