Spanish High School tuition

Help your children succeed in their Spanish Exams with our expert Spanish tuition for High School Students.

ELITE French & Spanish provides extra tuition for High School Students to assist them in achieving the highest scores possible in their Spanish exams.


One to One tuition

  • Each lesson lasts 1 hour per week.
  • The Spanish lesson emphasises entirely on your child’s individual needs in a private environment.

Group classes containing a maximum of 4 students

  • The class lasts 1 hour per week.
  • This type of lesson focuses on interplay with high school students of the same level of proficiency in a group environment.

Flexible, customized Spanish lessons

  • Intensive Spanish tuition in the build-up towards exam periods.
  • These Spanish lessons focus entirely on your child’s individual exam requirements in a private environment.
  • Available throughout the year, no need to follow the school terms.

Special holiday courses.

  • Available all year round, for all ability levels during school holidays.


  • Our tuition is based on compulsory topics and prescribed themes from the school curriculum.
  • The components of Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading are covered during the term.
  • We aim to consolidate what our students cover at school as well as to reinforce the basics. We assess the student’s level and work towards to identify weaknesses and work specifically on them.


All of the teachers working for ELITE French & Spanish have been through a rigorous process of selection. They all have professional experience teaching Spanish to high school and university students in different Spanish speaking countries, internationally and in Australia. They have a teaching degree and are passionate about their jobs.

ELITE French & Spanish teachers are all familiar with the curriculum of the Board of Studies and have experience working in schools in Sydney, such as Monte Sant’Angelo, Redlands, Wenona, Shore, Killarney Heights, Queenwood and Alliance Française.

We believe that being taught by a professional native teacher is key to developing correct pronunciation from the very start.



  • 3-day Spanish boot camp to prepare for your final year of IB Spanish Ab Initio. From 9th July to 11th July  Spanish Ab Initio Y12 Bootcamp  From 9 am to 12 pm

The Spanish Ab Initio IB Boot camp for Y12 is perfect to help your children refresh their knowledge before sitting their Ab Initio Spanish exam.

The sessions will be held for three days.
-Tuesday 9th July 9am-12pm,
-Wednesday 10th  July 9am-12pm,
-Thursday  11th July 9am-12pm.

During the first session, students will have the opportunity to review essential grammar points. Then, they will be working on the reading/responding tasks and be given tips to understand better Spanish texts and sentences structures.

The second session will focus on grammar revisions and writing tasks. Common mistakes will be shown, and the students will be required to correct random texts related to the IB programme. Important idiomatic expressions will be studied.

Finally, on the third day, the attendees will practise their speaking skills by debating and describing pictures following the IB themes and programme. We will focus on delivering the right language forms and elaborating on ideas related to the topics of the questions.

Our workshop will run with a minimum of three students and a maximum of six.

Morning tea will be served during the three sessions. Please let us know of any food restriction or food-related allergy before the Spanish Ab Initio boot camp starts.


  • Term 1 runs from 29th January 2019 until 13th April 2019 (11 weeks).
  • Term 2 runs from 29th April 2019 until 6th July 2019 (10 weeks).
  • Term 3 runs from 22nd July 2019 until 21st September 2019 (9 weeks).
  • Term 4 runs from 14th October 2019 until 7th December 2019 (8 weeks).

*Please note that ELITE School will not be open during public holidays. Lessons falling on public holidays will be rescheduled.

Contact office hours: Monday to Friday 9.00 am -5.00 pm.

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