Revue de presse

Stay up to date with the French news!


Do you want to practice the real every day French? Are you interested in current affairs? This class is perfect for you!

Every week we will be looking at articles taken from authentic French sources (newspapers, radio and TV broadcasts) that deal with current affairs on an international level but with a strong focus on France. In class, not only will you enrich your vocabulary and broaden your knowledge of journalistic language but you will also have the opportunity to discuss relevant issues and practice your debating skills in a wide-range of topics, from the most absurd to the most serious and in a relaxed atmosphere.


  • Every week for 1.5h
  • Tuesdays from 6pm to 7.30pm
  • From Tuesday 2 February until Tuesday 5 April
  • B1/B2 Levels


We look forward to welcoming you in the class!


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