French Book Club

Improve your French-language skills by reading and discussing French literature


Do you want to improve your French quickly? Start reading in French and you will be well on your way!

We freely discuss our impressions in a very friendly and informal atmosphere, including sometimes discussions about vocabulary and idioms.


  • Our book is UN SECRET by Philippe Grimbert.
Term 4 French bookclub
Elite French Spanish Bookclub


  • Term 1 runs from 29th January 2019 until 13th April 2019 (11 weeks).
  • Term 2 runs from 29th April 2019 until 6th July 2019 (10 weeks).
  • Term 3 runs from 22nd July 2019 until 21st September 2019 (9 weeks).
  • Term 4 runs from 14th October 2019 until 7th December 2019 (8 weeks).