Creative and fun Summer holiday workshops


We’ll entertain your child in an educational way 

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Your Children will enjoy our fun and interactive French workshops.
Our workshop courses are designed to entertain children in an educational way during the holidays and provide the perfect opportunity for your children to learn French in a creative and stimulating environment.

Children will have fun learning to communicate in French through games, songs mini-projects and a variety of hands-on activities, in a small environment with no more than 6 children, and a minimum of 4.


ART workshop
Immerse your child in the world of art…in French!

This workshop will be over 3 days and will last for 1 hour a day. 

– Craft in French for Kindy. From 9 am to 10 am.

Children will create their own masterpiece using different materials and art techniques. They will learn basic vocabulary linked to the theme, and will be encouraged to interact in French through a small presentation to parents at the end of the workshop.


DRAMA workshop
Put your child on their way to becoming a famous actor…in French!

This workshop will be over 3 days and will last for 2 hours a day.

Children will prepare one or two scenes from a famous French book and will present it to the parents at the end of the workshop. They will learn to understand and use simple instructions, basic phrases, and vocabulary. They will create their own costume that they will be able to take home and replay the scene in front of the whole family!

Holidays theme workshop
Just like being in France on holidays!

This workshop will be over 3 days and will last for 2 hours a day.

Children will learn vocabulary linked to a holiday theme through different materials, such as stories, educational games, songs and creative activities. This workshop will teach children cultural elements from the various French holiday traditions. Please contact us if you would like your child to join us during the holidays and have fun in French!



Please contact us if you have a question or require more information about enrolment.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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